Art for Whose Sake?

The Vatican Collections: The Papacy and Art

Manet and Modern Paris

by Theodore Reff
John Paul II is probably the most conservative theologian and the most effective politician to serve as bishop of Rome since Pius IX (1846-1878). His skill at public relations has been constantly evident, and so it was no great surprise to experienced Vatican observers when he announced plans for a …

Shortchanged at the Met

"Treasures of Early Irish Art" January 15, 1978

an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, October 15, 1977 to

Treasures of Irish Art, 1500 BC-1500 AD

with essays by G. Frank Mitchell and Peter Harbison and Liam de Paor and Máire de Paor and Roger A. Stalley
The Metropolitan Museum of Art holds a unique position in American culture. For organizing a great international loan exhibition no other American museum has quite the same influence, no other has a staff with as wide a range of skills. But the Met has corresponding national responsibilities reflected in the …