The Finger and the Ear

I, Rembrandt

by David Weiss

City of God: A Novel of the Borgias

by Cecelia Holland
Samuel Johnson said of certain poets, “…they only wrote verses, and very often such verses as stood the trial of the finger than of the ear….” His complaint dealt with those diligent versifiers who sacrificed meaning and language to the tapping out of strict rhythms. His poet of the “ear” …


Black Sun: The Brief Transit and Violent Eclipse of Harry Crosby

by Geoffrey Wolff
The Age of Nostalgia in which we find quantities of current books dwelling (and earning a good living) is not yet in its twilight years. The much abused label, Biography, is stuck on collection after collection of pages about a person whose “biographer” hopes to make the era in which …

Gifts to Greeks

The Greek Adventure: Lord Byron and Other Eccentrics in the War of Independence

by David Howarth

Byron's Greece

by Elizabeth Longford, photographs by Jorge Lewinski
Beware of bearing gifts to Greeks. On a boulevard in Athens, called (for the present) King Constantine, is a small landscaped tribute to Harry Truman, one of the many Saviors of Greece in its past 155 years. Harry in bronze stands there, his coat ruffled by wind, in memory of …