Poet of Sacrifice

Selected Poems of Marina Tsvetayeva

translated by Elaine Feinstein
“Der Weg von der Innigkeit zur Grösse geht durch das Opfer” (“The way from intense inwardness to greatness leads through sacrifice”). These words of the essayist Rudolf Kassner form the epigraph to Rainer Maria Rilke’s fateful poem “Wendung” (Turning Point) of 1914, in which the poet acknowledged that his shortcomings, …

Two Poems by Tomas Venclova

NIGHT DESCENDED ON US WITH A CHILL For Marina Kedrova Night descended on us with a chill. The low-roofed and soot-blackened archways Looked onto ten stations as well As ten parks, or more, sunk in November— That settlement, circle, or zone Where on the blind …