Italy’s Dirty Linen

Getting the Boot: Italy's Unfinished Revolution

by Matt Frei

The Crisis of the Italian State: From the Origins of the Cold War to the Fall of Berlusconi

by Patrick McCarthy
Fifty years ago the collapse of Mussolini’s authoritarian regime left his country in chaos, out of which emerged a new parliamentary republic. The achievements of this republic have since then been widely discussed, most recently by two of the more perceptive foreign observers now living in Italy. Matt Frei is …

The Great Benito?

Young Mussolini and the Intellectual Origins of Fascism

by A. James Gregor

Italian Fascism and Developmental Dictatorship

by A. James Gregor
The word “fascism” is used in so many senses that much of its utility has been lost. The term “Italian fascism” is more precise, but can still present problems to anyone looking for a convincing and comprehensive definition. Professor Gregor is not daunted by these difficulties; in three much overlapping …

A Party Outside Politics

Unity in Diversity: Italian Communism and the Communist World

by Donald L.M. Blackmer

Il Bipartitismo Imperfetto: Comunisti e Democristiani in Italia

by Giorgio Galli
Among the early leaders of the Partito Comunista Italiano, Gramsci and Togliatti are names well known outside Italy. Less familiar is the name of Luigi Longo who now heads the party, and barely known at all is Enrico Berlinguer who will probably succeed Longo in three years. The rhetoric of …

Why Mussolini Made It

Italy from Liberalism to Fascism

by Christopher Seton-Watson

The Fall and Rise of Modern Italy

by Serge Hughes
Mussolini’s conquest of power in 1922 opened a brutally unhappy period for Italy as well as for the rest of the world. Whether or not he made the tourist railways run on time, whether he hindered or encouraged the growth of communism, these may be debatable points; what is undeniable …

Italy: Italian Style

The Italians: A Full-Length Portrait Featuring Their Manners and Morals

by Luigi Barzini Jr.
We know that it is impossible to characterize a whole nation, and yet perhaps most people half-unconsciously possess an ideal image of their country as if it had special national characteristics. Frenchmen and Italians above all seem to take collective introspection seriously, and in Italy, where self-love vies with self-hatred, …

The Mafia

The Honored Society: A Searching Look at the Mafia

by Norman Lewis
The publisher, somewhat unfairly to Mr. Norman Lewis, describes his book—which was first serialized in The New Yorker—as a series of sensational disclosures that Italian writers would not dare make and which reveal at last the whole truth about the Sicilian Mafia. Far from being anything new, the only interesting …