Denis Mack Smith

A Party Outside Politics

A Party Outside Politics

Unity in Diversity: Italian Communism and the Communist World

by Donald L.M. Blackmer

Il Bipartitismo Imperfetto: Comunisti e Democristiani in Italia

by Giorgio Galli

Peasant Communism in Southern Italy

by Sidney G. Tarrow

The Searchers: Conflict and Communism in an Italian Town

by Belden Paulson and Athos Ricci

May 8, 1969 issue

Why Mussolini Made It

Why Mussolini Made It

Italy from Liberalism to Fascism

by Christopher Seton-Watson

The Fall and Rise of Modern Italy

by Serge Hughes

October 24, 1968 issue

Italy: Italian Style

The Italians: A Full-Length Portrait Featuring Their Manners and Morals

by Luigi Barzini Jr.

September 10, 1964 issue

The Mafia

The Honored Society: A Searching Look at the Mafia

by Norman Lewis

May 28, 1964 issue

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