Hart Crane

The Letters of Hart Crane, 1916-1932

edited by Brom Weber
The life of Hart Crane was a bacchic orgy; he knew no other way to live or compose his poems. As Quevedo wrote: “He rode post to perdition.” Though I realize that humdrum everyday existence cannot be a gloss upon the poem, it might be of niggish interest to the …

“Old Man Mad About Writing”

The Life and Work of Ford Madox Ford

by Frank MacShane

Letters of Ford Madox Ford

edited by Richard M. Ludwig
In the last few years it has been the custom of Yahoo biographers to vilify the heroes of literature. Hardly one nineteenth-century author has been spared by the Cerberuses who bay the moon and bark at the shades they pretend to commemorate. This screed of vulgarity has dominated the English …