Himalayan Ulster

Kashmir: A Disputed Legacy, 1846–1990

by Alastair Lamb

My Frozen Turbulence in Kashmir

by R.M. Jagmohan
On a map of the western Himalayas, the valley of Kashmir shows up as a smooth, oval-shaped patch amid a sea of surrounding peaks in what is today India’s Jammu and Kashmir state. For thousands of years, travelers, free-booters, and empire builders have set down their breathless impressions of this …

Storm over India

Anatomy of a Confrontation: The Babri Masjid-Ram Janmabhumi Issue

edited by Sarvepalli Gopal
The future of India may have been prefigured in early 1990 in a riot between Hindus and Muslims which took place in the town of Mathura, two dusty hours drive from New Delhi. The violence broke out after a procession of Hindus carried a statue of Ganesha, a Hindu god, …