Edwin Frank is the editor of NYRB Classics. His Snake Train: Poems 1984–2013 will be published in early 2015.


In the Dark

Further information is sure to be
forthcoming, but for now
our one
recourse is
to wait, and we,

we have been,
we have been waiting now
for a very long time

It Happened One Night

Singing into the Piano

by Ted Mooney
Singing into the Piano is only the third novel that Ted Mooney has published in some twenty years, but it makes it clear that he is one of the most peculiar of contemporary American writers. Mooney’s first book, Easy Travel to Other Planets, written when he was still in his …

Passage to Brooklyn

The Ordinary Seaman

by Francisco Goldman
Francisco Goldman is a young, part-Guatemalan writer and journalist who has lived and worked for long periods in both the US and Central America. In 1993 he published a remarkable first novel, The Long Night of White Chickens, in which he sought to pull together the often conflicting perspectives of …

Snake Train

(for Joseph Shea) after Velemir Khlebnikov We settled in our ochre houndstooth seats And stirred our drinks. We talked about the Good, Damned cowardice, praised courage, and said we would Have done much better to have lived when war Was decent, when there was …