Queen Bee

A Book of Bees…and How to Keep Them

by Sue Hubbell

A Country Year: Living the Questions

by Sue Hubbell
Sue Hubbell is an escaped intellectual, exlibrarian, ex-wife, a woman who didn’t discover her true vocation until, on the threshold of middle age, she moved to the Missouri Ozarks and took up beekeeping. At first no more than a way to earn a rather precarious living in a country she …

The Good Witch of the West


by Sylvia Townsend Warner, edited by William Maxwell

One Thing Leading to Another, and Other Stories

by Sylvia Townsend Warner, selected and edited by Susanna Pinney
The death of Sylvia Townsend Warner in 1978 at the age of eighty-five was unmourned by any major critic in this country. “Noted for her graceful style and ironic wit,” said The New York Times in one of those obituaries that read like a passport to respectable oblivion. Though not …

The Bloom Is Off

Vita: The Life of V. Sackville-West

by Victoria Glendinning

Harold Nicolson: A Biography Vol. I, 1886–1929 Vol. II, 1930–1968

by James Lees-Milne
A new, full-length life of Vita Sackville-West? Two hefty volumes about Harold Nicolson? We live in an age of biographical overkill. The cottage industry based on Bloomsbury and its dependencies is proof enough of that. But surely the curiosity of readers interested in the Nicolsons has been amply satisfied in …

A Green Thumb

The Education of a Gardener

by Russell Page
The Education of a Gardener was originally published in 1962 and almost immediately allowed to go out of print, with the result that those who were bright enough to snap up copies hoarded them jealously while the rest of us had to borrow or steal what became a classic. The …