Mean Spirits

Britain and the Jews of Europe 1939-1945

by Bernard Wasserstein
In a well-known work on the Eichmann trial Hannah Arendt perversely floated the notion of the banality of evil. What seems to lie behind this idea is that Eichmann was no more than a dim little man whose crimes were simply a byproduct of the daily official routine to which …

Not So Grand Illusions

The Shaping of the Arabs: A Study in Ethnic Identity

by Joel Carmichael

The Struggle for Syria: A Study of Post-War Arab Politics, 1945-1958

by Patrick Seale
For quite some time now, the Arabs have been making a considerable noise in the world. Chanceries, academics, and newspapers are alike preoccupied with Arab grievances, demands, and aspirations. From small beginnings thirty or forty years ago, the Arab question has become an industry similar to that of electronics or …