Hard to Swallow

Deep Throat

directed by Jerry Gerard
It gets harder and harder to find someone who will say a good word for pornography. Angry feminists, chagrined liberals, Henry Miller and Pauline Réage fans, all agree that this is not what we meant, not what we meant at all, while the legions who never wanted to let the …

The Fantasy of the Perfect Lover

The Love Treatment: Sexual Intimacy between Patients and Psychotherapists

by Martin Shepard MD

The Radical Therapist

by the Radical Therapist Collective, produced by Jerome Agel
I am a sucker for psychology books, so when the paperback edition of The Love Treatment appeared on the rack at Woolworth’s, I picked it up and leafed through it. Its premise, I discovered, was that the taboo on sexual intimacy between psychotherapists and their patients should be re-examined, not …

See America First

Easy Rider

directed by Dennis Hopper. Columbia Pictures

Alice's Restaurant

directed by Arthur Penn, produced by Hillard Elkins
In 1969, the Year of the Pig, participants in what is known as (descriptively) youth culture or (smugly) hip culture or (incompletely) pop culture or (longingly) the cultural revolution are going through big changes. For choices have to be made now; they can no longer be left to a dubious …