Dangling Countries

Inside South America

by John Gunther

Parasitism and Subversion: The Case of Latin America

by Stanislav Andreski
There can be no such person as a “Latin American Expert,” if we mean by this someone who is well acquainted with all the Latin American countries. For Latin America is vast, encompassing twenty independent states and several dependencies of foreign powers. Even if a writer decides to limit himself …

Bad Neighbor Policy

Nationalism in Latin America

by Gerhard Masur

Nationalism in Contemporary Latin America

by Arthur P. Whitaker and David C. Jordan
In an editorial comparing United States policy in Latin America with Soviet suppression of the Hungarian revolution of 1956, a leading Brazilian newspaper, the Correio da Manha, recently wrote that in Latin America, the United States had “constituted itself into a mainstay of everything that is oligarchic, reactionary, stubbornly anachronistic, …

Castro’s Revolution

Castroism: Theory and Practice

by Theodore Draper
Theodore Draper’s position among writers on the Cuban revolution is unique. These writers are usually either old Cuba hands or students of Marxist theory. Draper has a sound knowledge of Cuban political and economic developments in the pre-Castro and Castro eras and is at the same time familiar with all …

Unfair Play for Cuba

The Bay of Pigs

by Haynes Johnson
Mr. Haynes Johnson’s The Bay of Pigs is the story of “Brigade 2506,” the CIA-trained task force of Cuban exiles which was sacrificed in April 1961 in a futile attempt to invade the island and overthrow the Castro regime. The book is based on extensive interviews with four leaders of …