Portrait of a Bounder

James Henry Hammond and the Old South: A Design for Mastery

by Drew Faust
Antebellum South Carolina was different from the rest of the South. Else-where in the lower South and in Virginia the slaveholders held effective power, exercised impressive hegemony, and determined policy in all matters that concerned the foundation of their property rights in human beings, but they had to struggle constantly …

Getting to Know the Slaves

The Children of Pride: A True Story of Georgia and the Civil War

edited by Robert Manson Myers

The Diary of Edmund Ruffin, Vol. 1. Toward Independence, October, 1856-April, 1861

edited by William K. Scarborough
“De white folks was hard on us. Dey would whup us ’bout de leas’ li’l thang.” Mingo White, ex-slave from Alabama, could not remember his age, but, although he had been only a boy in slavery times, he could remember some other things. His parents had been separated by sale …

A Special Supplement: American Slaves and Their History

The history of the American lower classes has yet to be written. The ideological impact of the New Left, the intellectual exigencies of the black liberation movement, and the developing academic concern for the cultural aspects of politics and history have all converged to produce the expectation that this history …