It’s a Tragedy

Tragedy and Philosophy

by Walter Kaufmann

The Identity of Oedipus the King

by Alastair Cameron
These books are all concerned with classic drama and its meaning for us, and therefore could be reviewed at great length if one tried to deal with the countless questions they raise. They all treat Sophocles, but except for that they have little in common. Mr. Kaufmann’s title suggests an …

Prometheus at Yale

Prometheus Bound

derived from Aeschylus by Robert Lowell, directed by Jonathan Miller
According to a story in the Sunday Times, the group that produced Robert Lowell’s Prometheus Bound at the Yale School of Drama had expected to evoke the enthusiasm only of the embattled cognoscenti, so that when Walter Kerr reviewed it with enthusiasm they were surprised and not entirely pleased. What …

Keeping Up With Dante

The Divine Comedy in English: A Critical Bibliography, 1782-1900

by Gilbert F. Cunningham

Dante into English

by William J. De Sua
About sixteen years ago the late Erich Auerbach told me that the current output of writing on Dante in all languages had reached such a point that no man could keep up with it, even if he devoted full time to the job. The flood has not diminished, and 1965, …