A Modern Master

François Rabelais: A Study

by Donald M. Frame
The moments in the history of art when a door is suddenly opened onto a wholly new range of possibilities are extremely rare. Monteverdi’s Orfeo marks one such in the history of music; Cézanne’s late canvases another, in the history of painting. The works of Rabelais, beginning with Pantagruel, first …

The Temptations of Chaucer

The Life and Times of Chaucer

by John Gardner

The Poetry of Chaucer

by John Gardner
   Listeth, lordes, in good entent, And I wol telle verrayment Of myrthe and of solas; Al of a knyght was fair and gent In bataille and in tourneyment, His name was sire Thopas. Yborn he was in fer contree In Flaundres, al biyonde the …