Out of the Labyrinth

Spain: Dictatorship to Democracy

by Raymond Carr and Juan Pablo Fusi
Professor Raymond Carr is the author of the standard history of nineteenth-century Spain, and his present collaborator, Dr. Juan Pablo Fusi, has had experience of labor movements in the Basque country. It is not therefore surprising that their book should be so admirable. It is a densely packed work, very …

An Honest Man

The Forging of a Rebel

by Arturo Barea, translated by Ilsa Barea
Arturo Barea was born in Madrid in 1897 and settled in England in 1939 after the Spanish Civil War was over. His autobiography, The Forging of a Rebel, first came out in English in three successive parts, The Forge, The Track, and The Clash, and won high praise from the …

True Grit

In Hiding: The Life of Manuel Cortes

by Ronald Fraser
This book has a very remarkable story to tell. It describes how the socialist mayor of a small Spanish pueblo near Malaga went into hiding at the end of the Civil War and remained hidden for thirty years until the government published an amnesty. Had he not done this he …

A Hidden Life

Carrington: Letters and Extracts from her Diaries

chosen and with an Introduction by David Garnett
The group of writers and painters known as Bloomsbury is unique in English literary history because its members formed a closely knit circle which met regularly over many years and held to certain general principles. Its origins go back to undergraduate days at Cambridge when seven of its members had …

Caudillo Country

Politics and the Military in Modern Spain

by Stanley G. Payne

The Goodbye Land

by José Yglesias
As everyone knows, the present regime in Spain had its origin in a rebellion of the Army against the constitutionally elected Government. Such military rebellions, though not occurring in other West European countries, have had a long history in Spain and in Latin America and are now becoming almost the …


A Handbook for Spain, 1845

by Richard Ford
Of the many excellent books written on Spain since the eighteenth century Richard Ford’s Handbook is by general consent far the best. One might even say that, with the exception of Doughty’s Arabia Deserta, it is also the best account of a foreign country in English. Yet till now its …

In the Labyrinth

Spain, 1808-1939

by Raymond Carr

The Thirty Thousand

by Carmen Irizzary
Spanish history from the death of Philip II to the end of the last century is virtually an unexplored subject. There have been no good books on it in English and only one or two of limited scope in French or Spanish. Spain has lain walled off by the Pyrenees …