Gideon Jacobs has contributed to The Paris Review, The New Yorker, BOMB Magazine, and VICE, among other publications. Previously, he was Creative Director at the photo cooperative Magnum Photos. He’s currently working on a collection of very short fiction followable on his Instagram. (January 2018)

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Stephen Shore, Seer of the Everyday

Stephen Shore: Breakfast, Trail’s End Restaurant, Kanab, Utah, August 10, 1973

The Stephen Shore exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art casts a wide net, including the anomalous periods when Shore worked abroad, but its main focus is his many photographs of hyper-quotidian America, our stalest shades of red, white, and blue. These quiet and straightforward pictures—of food, buildings, cars, and toilets—show that Shore is best understood as a photographer uninterested in photographing what is agreed to be worthy of capture.