Glen S. Fukushima is a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress based in Washington, D.C., San Francisco, and Tokyo. He served as Deputy Assistant United States Trade Representative for Japan and China in the 1980s and as President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan in the 1990s.
 (February 2018)


Golf and Gold

Masks of Donald Trump and Shinzo Abe worn at a Halloween parade in Tokyo, October 2017

Japan’s Security Renaissance: New Policies and Politics for the Twenty-First Century

by Andrew L. Oros

The Pivot: The Future of American Statecraft in Asia

by Kurt M. Campbell
In 1990, an interviewer for Playboy asked Donald Trump how he felt about “Japan’s economic pre-eminence.” He responded with a tirade: Japan gets almost seventy percent of its oil from the Persian Gulf, relies on ships led back home by our destroyers, battleships, helicopters, frog men. Then the Japanese sail …