Gregory Hays

Gregory is an Associate Professor of Classics at the University of Virginia. (August 2022)

Tune Out & Lean In

The recent revival of Stoic philosophy has stayed surprisingly true to its ancient roots while gaining popularity among executives and tech-bros.

That One Should Disdain Hardships: The Teachings of a Roman Stoic

by Musonius Rufus, translated from the Greek by Cora E. Lutz, with an introduction by Gretchen Reydams-Schils

How to Keep Your Cool: An Ancient Guide to Anger Management

by Seneca, selected, translated from the Latin, and with an introduction by James Romm

How to Be Free: An Ancient Guide to the Stoic Life

by Epictetus, translated from the Greek and with an introduction by A.A. Long

The Pocket Stoic

by John Sellars

Stillness Is the Key

by Ryan Holiday

Not All Dead White Men: Classics and Misogyny in the Digital Age

by Donna Zuckerberg

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March 11, 2021 issue

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