That Ephemeral Thing

Life A User's Manual

by Georges Perec, translated by David Bellos
Nearly ten years after its publication in Paris, Georges Perec’s monumental La Vie mode d’emploi has at last been published in this country as Life A User’s Manual in David Bellos’s elegant translation. Where for the French the novel came as the culmination of a distinguished twenty-year career, for most …


Tina and Seth met in the midst of an overcrowded militarism. “Like a drink?” he asked her. “They make great Alexanders over at the Marxism-Leninism.” She agreed. They shared cocktails. They behaved cautiously, as in a period of pre-fascism. Afterwards he suggested dinner at a restaurant …

Queen Story

Progress of Stories

by Laura Riding
Poet, seer, muse, and occasional Fury, Laura (Riding) Jackson is back among us, mercifully and pitilessly, as a writer of fictions. A new edition of her Progress of Stories, first published in 1935, reprints the original text unamended, together with twelve other early stories, one later one, and a new …