Henri Zerner

Henri Zerner, Professor of History of Art and Architecture at Harvard, is the author of Renaissance Art in France: The Invention of Classicism and Écrire l’histoire de l’art: Figures d’une discipline.

Scenes from the American Dream

Norman Rockwell: Pictures for the American People 17- September 24, 2000.

by June an exhibition at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., Catalog of the exhibition edited by Maureen Hart Hennessey and Anne Knutson

August 10, 2000 issue

Passion Painter


by Barthélémy Jobert

Delacroix: The Late Work Museum of Art, September 15, 1998-January 3, 1999.

an exhibition at the Grand Palais, Paris, and the Philadelphia, Catalog of the exhibition by Arlette Sérullaz and Vincent Pomarède and Joseph J. Rishel and Lee Johnson and Louis-Antoine Prat and David Liot

January 14, 1999 issue

The Vision of Leonardo

Leonardo da Vinci: Scientist, Inventor, Artist 1997, and the Singapore Art Museum,October 3, 1997-February 1, 1998.

an exhibition at the Museum of Science, Boston, March 3-September 1,, Catalog of the exhibition edited by Otto Letze and Thomas Buchsteiner

September 25, 1997 issue

Mysteries of a Modern Painter

Géricault January 6, 1992

An exhibition at the Grand Palais, Paris, October 10, 1991 to


catalog of the exhibition by Régis Michel and Sylvain Laveissière and Bruno Chenique


by German Bazin

March 5, 1992 issue

The Judgment of Paris

Le Musée d'Orsay

1, rue de Bellechasse, Paris

Le Triomphe des mairies 8, 1987)

An exhibition at the Petit Palais, Paris, (November 8, 1986–January, Catalog by Thérèse Burollet and Daniel Imbert and Frank Folliot

Les Concours d'esquisses peintes, 1816–1863 1986–December 14, 1986), and the National Academy of Design, New York (January 13, 1987–March 15, 1987).

An exhibition at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris (October 8,, Catalog by Philippe Grunchec

February 26, 1987 issue

Enemies of Realism

"The Realist Tradition: French Painting and Drawing 1830-1900" the St. Louis Art Museum, the Glasgow (Scotland) Art Gallery and Museum. November 1980-January 1982

an exhibition at the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Museum,

The Realist Tradition: French Painting and Drawing 1830-1900

by Gabriel P. Weisberg

March 4, 1982 issue


Before Photography: Painting and the Invention of Photography

by Peter Galassi

"Before Photography: Painting and the Invention of Photography" Museum, Omaha; the Frederick S. Wright Art Gallery, University of California, Los Angeles; the Art Institute of Chicago. May 1981-May 1982

an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, New York; the Joslyn Art

December 3, 1981 issue

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