The Conspiracy Weapon

The Trial of Dr. Spock

by Jessica Mitford
“A conspiracy is a partnership in criminal purposes.” —Justice Holmes “The modern crime of conspiracy is so vague that it almost defies definition.” —Justice Jackson “For every conspiracy is by its very nature secret; a case can hardly be supposed where men concert together for crime and advertise …

Enemies of Progress

The Crime of Punishment

by Karl Menninger M.D.

The Insanity Defense

by Abraham S. Goldstein
The Nixon Administration’s crime program, as it now appears, is thoroughly retrograde: “Mitchell’s Folly,” whether or not it is bought by the Congress and the Courts, has securely earned its author a position in the seventh circle of Hell: (1) Increased penalties for selling and possessing marijuana and LSD. (2) …

Copping Out

The Challenge of Crime in A Free Society: A Report by the President's Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice

Reading about our crime problem induces many reflections, all of them melancholy. There is little being done; we fiddle while Detroit burns. Our miserable adventure in Vietnam, that monstrous self-inflicted wound, diverts and divides us at the precise moment when we are about to be overwhelmed by catastrophes within, of …

Who Can Police the Police?

What may the police do to persons whom they suspect of committing crimes? What may be done to the police if they do what they are not supposed to do? The range of discourse implicated in these simple-sounding questions is broad, running as it does from the nicest technicalities of …