Fallen Idols

Taste and the Antique: The Lure of Classical Sculpture 1500-1900

by Francis Haskell and Nicholas Penny
Scholarly books, whatever their merit, tend to be of two kinds: most of them are devoted to subjects that have been dealt with before, while only a few break new intellectual ground. The present volume, astonishingly enough in view of its title, is of the latter sort. The authors, one …


Donatello and Michelozzo: An Artistic Partnership and Its Patrons in the Early Renaissance Philadelphia)

by R. W. Lightbown
There is no acknowledged rank order among the several arts that are the art historian’s domain. This equality, nevertheless, is belied in practice, if not in theory, at least by those—a clear majority within the profession—dealing with post-medieval art. Take any group of them chosen at random: seven out of …

Della Robbia Disputes

Luca della Robbia

by John Pope-Hennessy
The posthumous reputation of the old masters may be said to follow, at any give time, the prevailing styles of contemporary art. El Greco owes his present fame, after three centuries of neglect, to Cézanne and the early Picasso rather than to the scholarly labors of art historians. He is, …