The Nature and Evolution of Female Sexuality

by Mary Jane Sherfey MD.

The Female Orgasm: Psychology, Physiology, Fantasy

by Seymour Fisher
In these days of sexual politics it becomes necessary to separate the scientific study of female sexuality from its misuse by theorists who wish to establish strategic positions in the struggle between the sexes. For this reason, and because her ideas have already assumed importance within the women’s liberation movement, …


Dramatic personages

by Denis de Rougemont, translated by Richard Howard

Love Declared: Essays on the Myths of Love

by Denis de Rougemont, translated by Richard Howard
It is now twenty-five years since the first edition of Love in the Western World appeared. Most of the essays in Dramatic Personages precede it; the ones in Love Declared are quite recent. Taken together, the three books make a representative triptych of De Rougemont’s achievement. Literary figures interest De …

Marble Faun

Santayana: The Later Years

by Daniel Cory
Despite its subtitle, this book is not a life study. Cory, who was Santayana’s secretary and philosophical disciple, offers little by way of character analysis. Neither does he report the opinions of others who knew Santayana or make an effort to relate his earlier years with the later ones. Santayana’s …