Big Science, Bad Science

Where Science and Politics Meet

by Jerome Wiesner
Where scientists and politicians meet there should be conflict; and so there was for a time. This healthy condition no longer prevails. Scientists and politicians now dance together, advance dos-à-dos, bow, scrape, exchange compliments. A regrettable spectacle. What brought about this decline? One looks for a clue in Jerome Wiesner’s …

Failing Safe

The Journals of David E. Lilienthal

by David E. Lilienthal
Instinctively one distrusts a dialogue with the self which is designed to be overheard. It is a performance. And except in the hands of a great performer, it is likely to be a bad performance. I find most diaries dull. “These are of the books,” Charles Lamb said, “I give …

Sharing the Universe

The Exploration of Outer Space

by A.C.B. Lovell
Sir Bernard Lovell is director of the Jodrell Bank Experiment Station and professor of radioastronomy at the University of Manchester. The subject he teaches and of which he is a foremost student illustrates perfectly the astonishing pace of physical science in the twentieth century. Thirty years ago radioastronomy did not …