Jasper Griffin

Jasper Griffin is Emeritus Professor of Classical Literature and a Fellow of Balliol College, Oxford. His books include Homer on Life and Death.

Under the Volcano

Under the Volcano

The Fires of Vesuvius: Pompeii Lost and Found

by Mary Beard

March 11, 2010 issue

Virgil Lives!

The Virgilian Tradition: The First Fifteen Hundred Years

edited by Jan M. Ziolkowski and Michael C.J. Putnam

June 26, 2008 issue

Mad About the Boy

Alexander the Great: A Life in Legend

by Richard Stoneman

June 12, 2008 issue

The Myth of the Olympics

The Myth of the Olympics

What were those ancient Games, why were they important then, and why are they still alive now?

The Ancient Olympics: A History

by Nigel Spivey

Games and Sanctuaries in Ancient Greece: Olympia, Delphi, Isthmia, Nemea, Athens

by Panos Valavanis

Wrestling with the Ancients: Modern Greek Identity and the Olympics

by Alexander Kitroeff

Olympics in Athens, 1896: The Invention of the Modern Olympic Games

by Michael Llewellyn Smith

Ancient Greek Athletics

by Stephen G. Miller

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October 21, 2004 issue

It’s All Greek!

The Peloponnesian War

by Donald Kagan

The Spartans: The World of the Warrior-Heroes of Ancient Greece, from Utopia to Crisis and Collapse

by Paul Cartledge

Coming of Age in Ancient Greece: Images of Childhood from the Classical Past

by Jenifer Neils and John H. Oakley

Greek Gods, Human Lives: What We Can Learn from Myths

by Mary Lefkowitz

December 18, 2003 issue

That Old Black Magic

Cicero on the Emotions: Tusculan Disputations 3 and 4

translated from the Latin and with commentary by Margaret Graver

Greek and Roman Necromancy

by Daniel Ogden

May 1, 2003 issue

The Unkindest Cut

Castration and the Heavenly Kingdom: A Russian Folktale

by Laura Engelstein

Eunuchs and Castrati

by Piotr O. Scholz

Castration: An Abbreviated History of Western Manhood

by Gary Taylor

November 1, 2001 issue

Bizarre New World

Late Antiquity: A Guide to the Postclassical World

edited by G.W. Bowersock and Peter Brown and Oleg Grabar

June 15, 2000 issue

The Myth of Myths

Splitting the Difference: Gender and Myth in Ancient Greece and India

by Wendy Doniger

The Implied Spider: Politics and Theology in Myth

by Wendy Doniger

November 4, 1999 issue

Plato’s Grand Design

The Art of Living: Socratic Reflections from Plato to Foucault

by Alexander Nehamas

Plato and the Socratic Dialogue: The Philosophical Use of a Literary Form

by Charles H. Kahn

May 6, 1999 issue

Chopping Off the Golden Bough

Magic in the Ancient World

by Fritz Graf, translated by Franklin Philip

The Great God Pan: The Survival of an Image

by John Boardman

October 8, 1998 issue

Fun City

Athens from Alexander to Antony

by Christian Habicht

June 25, 1998 issue

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