Jean Starobinski

Jean Starobinski is Professor Emeritus of French literature at the University of Geneva. Blessings in Disguise and Largesse are among his works in English. A translation of his recent Action et réaction is to appear later this year. (May 2003)

Rousseau and Revolution

Rousseau and Revolution

On Jean-Jacques Rousseau Considered as One of the First Authors of the Revolution

by James Swenson

La Politique de la Terreur: Essai sur la violence révolutionnaire, 1789–1794

by Patrice Gueniffey

April 25, 2002 issue

Rousseau in the Revolution

Rousseau and the Republic of Virtue: The Language of Politics in the French Revolution

by Carol Blum

A Critical Dictionary of the French Revolution

edited by François Furet, edited by Mona Ozouf

La Déclaration des droits de l'homme et du citoyen

by Stéphane Rials

L'An I des droits de l'homme

by A de Baecque and L.M. Vovelle and W. Schmale

Les Déclarations des droits de l'homme et du citoyen

by Christine Fauré

The French Revolution and the Creation of Modern Political Culture, Volume II: The Political Culture of the Revolution

edited by Colin Lucas

La Révolution des droits de l'homme

by Marcel Gauchet

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April 12, 1990 issue

Burying the Dead

The Architecture of Death: The Transformation of the Cemetery in Eighteenth-Century Paris

by Richard A. Etlin

January 16, 1986 issue

Gazing at Death

The Birth of the Clinic: An Archaeology of Medical Perception

by Michel Foucault, translated by A.M. Sheridan Smith

January 22, 1976 issue

The Dominant Doctor

Galenism: Rise and Decline of a Medical Philosophy

by Owsei Temkin

June 26, 1975 issue

Rousseau & Modern Tyranny

Rousseau & Modern Tyranny

Jean-Jacques Rousseau: A New Interpretative Analysis of His Life and Works, Vol. I: The Quest, 1712-1758

by Lester G. Crocker

Jean-Jacques Rousseau: A New Interpretative Analysis of His Life and Works, Vol. II: The Prophetic Voice, 1758-1778

by Lester G. Crocker

November 29, 1973 issue

The Man Who Told Secrets

The Man Who Told Secrets


by Arthur M. Wilson

Oeuvres Complètes

by D. Diderot, edited by Roger Lewinter

Diderot's Letters to Sophie Volland: A Selection

translated by Peter France

March 22, 1973 issue

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