Jennifer Cohn, an attorney, is an election integrity advocate and writer. (November 2018)

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Voting Machines: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Miami-Dade election support specialists checking voting machines, Doral, Florida, August 8, 2018

United States elections are not evidence-based elections. Only two states, Colorado and New Mexico, conduct manual audits sufficiently robust to detect vote tally manipulation. Depending on the type of voting system used, some jurisdictions may have no paper ballots with which to conduct a manual recount or manual audit or recount in the first place. As of April 2018, fourteen states still used such “paperless” voting machines. Their potential vulnerability is critical because the entire system of our democracy depends on public trust—the belief that, however divided the country is, the result has integrity. Nothing is more insidious and corrosive than the idea that the tally of votes itself could be unreliable and exposed to fraud.