Jerome Cohen is Professor of Law, codirector of the US-Asia Law Institute at the NYU School of Law, and Adjunct Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.


Chen Guangcheng in New York: An Interview

Chen Guangcheng outside his house in Dongshigu village, Shandong province, northeast China, March 2005
Following are excerpts from a recent conversation among Chen Guangcheng, the blind legal activist who was recently permitted to leave China and is currently a distinguished visitor at New York University School of Law; Jerome A. Cohen, Professor of Law and Co-Director of the US-Asia Law Institute at the NYU …


China’s Lawyers Under Siege

Chen Guangcheng with his wife and child outside their home in Dondshigu village, Shandong province, northeast China, March 28, 2005

China’s activist lawyers and non-professional advocates have long been under a widespread, systematic official assault, which intensified earlier this year and silenced many formerly outspoken voices. A large number of lawyers have been attacked for representing not only those clients who oppose government suppression of religion, speech and association but also those who seek to challenge arbitrary residential evictions, environmental pollution, food and drug contamination, official corruption, discrimination against the sick or disabled or, as in Chen Guangcheng’s last efforts, forced abortion and sterilization.