John Brewer

John Brewer teaches in the Humanities and Social Sciences ­Division at the California Institute of Technology. He is currently working on a book on Vesuvius in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
 (November 2016)

Ben Franklin: Caught Between Worlds

Ben Franklin: Caught Between Worlds

Benjamin Franklin and the Ends of Empire

by Carla J. Mulford

Benjamin Franklin in London: The British Life of America’s Founding Father

by George Goodwin

November 10, 2016 issue

Selling the American Way

Irresistible Empire: America's Advance Through Twentieth-Century Europe

by Victoria de Grazia

November 30, 2006 issue

City Lights

Building Jerusalem:The Rise and Fall of the Victorian City

by Tristram Hunt

May 11, 2006 issue

The Irish Indian Chief

White Savage: William Johnson and the Invention of America

by Fintan O'Toole

December 1, 2005 issue

The Return of the Imperial Hero

Trafalgar: The Men, the Battle, the Storm

by Tim Clayton and Phil Craig

Nelson: The New Letters

edited by Colin White

Seize the Fire: Heroism, Duty, and the Battle of Trafalgar

by Adam Nicolson

Admiral Lord Nelson: Context and Legacy

edited by David Cannadine

November 3, 2005 issue

Big Ben

The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin

by Gordon S. Wood

July 15, 2004 issue

Breaking with the Past

Breaking with the Past

Crowded with Genius: The Scottish Enlightenment, Edinburgh's Moment of the Mind

by James Buchan

March 25, 2004 issue

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