John Kenneth Galbraith

John Kenneth Galbraith (1908–2006) was a Canadian economist and politician. He taught at Princeton and Harvard. His works include The Affluent Society, The Age of Uncertainty and Economics and the Public Purpose. Galbraith’s many honors include the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the Lomonosov Gold Medal, the Order of Canada, and the Padma Vibhushan, India’s second highest civilian award.

Viva Mencken!

The Diary of H.L. Mencken

edited by Charles A. Fecher

June 28, 1990 issue

The Ultimate Scandal

The Ultimate Scandal

Inside Job: The Looting of America's Savings and Loans

by Stephen Pizzo and Mary Fricker and Paul Muolo

Other People's Money: The Inside Story of the S&L Mess

by Paul Zane Pilzer, with Robert Dietz

The Big Fix: Inside the S&L Scandal

by James Ring Adams

January 18, 1990 issue

From Stupidity to Cupidity

The Predators' Ball: The Junk-Bond Raiders and the Man Who Staked Them

by Connie Bruck

Securities and Exchange Commission v. Drexel Burnham Lambert Incorporated, Drexel Burnham Lambert Group Incorporated, Michael Milken, Lowell Milken, Cary Maultasch, Pamela Monzert, Victor Posner, Steven Posner and Pennsylvania Engineering Corporation Secu

United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.

November 24, 1988 issue

Big Shots

Big Shots

Trump: The Art of the Deal

by Donald J. Trump and Tony Schwartz


by T. Boone Pickens Jr.

Merger Mania: Arbitrage, Wall Street's Best Kept Money-Making Secret

by Ivan F. Boesky

Behind the Scenes: In Which the Author Talks About Ronald and Nancy Reagan…and Himself

by Michael K. Deaver, with Mickey Herskowitz

May 12, 1988 issue

The Stockman Episode

The Triumph of Politics

by David Stockman

The Real David Stockman

by John Greenya and Anne Urban, introduction by Ralph Nader

Stockman: The Man, The Myth, The Future

by Owen Ullmann

June 26, 1986 issue

Behind the Wall

Behind the Wall


by Lee Iacocca, with William Novak


by David Abodaher

Greed and Glory on Wall Street: The Fall of the House of Lehman

by Ken Auletta

The Great Getty: The Life and Loves of J. Paul Getty
Richest Man in the World

by Robert Lenzner

At Any Cost: Corporate Greed, Women, and the Dalkon Shield

by Morton Mintz

Nightmare: Women and the Dalkon Shield

by Susan Perry and Jim Dawson

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April 10, 1986 issue

General Keynes

The Collected Writings of John Maynard Keynes

edited by Elizabeth Johnson, edited by Donald Moggridge

The Collected Writings of John Maynard Keynes, Vol. 19, Activities 1924–29

edited by Elizabeth Johnson, edited by Donald Moggridge

The Collected Writings of John Maynard Keynes, Vol. 7, The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money

edited by Elizabeth Johnson, edited by Donald Moggridge

November 22, 1984 issue

The Wealth of the Nation

Beyond the Waste Land: A Democratic Alternative to Economic Decline

by Samuel Bowles and David Gordon and Thomas E. Weisskopf

June 2, 1983 issue

The No-WIN Society

The No-WIN Society

The Zero-Sum Society: Distribution and the Possibilities for Economic Change

by Lester C. Thurow

June 12, 1980 issue

Oil: A Solution

Energy Future

edited by Robert Stobaugh, edited by Daniel Yergin

September 27, 1979 issue

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