John Kenneth Galbraith (1908–2006) was a Canadian economist and politician. He taught at Princeton and Harvard. His works include The Affluent Society, The Age of Uncertainty and Economics and the Public Purpose. Galbraith’s many honors include the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the Lomonosov Gold Medal, the Order of Canada, and the Padma Vibhushan, India’s second highest civilian award.


The Rush to Capitalism

That the past months have been marked by the greatest changes of our times is a matter on which I need not dwell. What has been only moderately less evident is the flow of economic advice which has crossed national frontiers in these months. In the common reference communism having …

Viva Mencken!

The Diary of H.L. Mencken

edited by Charles A. Fecher
A few months ago the National Press Club in Washington, an organization committed, along with much else, to the higher principles of the press, moved to retitle its library. Celebrating as the room did the literary and journalistic eminence of H.L. Mencken, the name was thought to have become a …

The Ultimate Scandal

Inside Job: The Looting of America's Savings and Loans

by Stephen Pizzo and Mary Fricker and Paul Muolo

Other People's Money: The Inside Story of the S&L Mess

by Paul Zane Pilzer, with Robert Dietz
Not before in our history have so many strong influences united to produce so large a disaster as in the current case of the savings and loan scandal. Bureaucratic inadequacy and incompetence, perverse ideology, money in large amounts for the political protection of flagrant rascality, public lack of interest, and …

From Stupidity to Cupidity

The Predators' Ball: The Junk-Bond Raiders and the Man Who Staked Them

by Connie Bruck

Securities and Exchange Commission v. Drexel Burnham Lambert Incorporated, Drexel Burnham Lambert Group Incorporated, Michael Milken, Lowell Milken, Cary Maultasch, Pamela Monzert, Victor Posner, Steven Posner and Pennsylvania Engineering Corporation Secu

United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.
One of the less celebrated of the convergent tendencies of modern capitalism and communism, free enterprise and comprehensive socialism, is the way both are put at risk by their best rewarded and most ardent partisans. This is now superbly evident in the Soviet Union in the current resistance to the …

Big Shots

Trump: The Art of the Deal

by Donald J. Trump and Tony Schwartz


by T. Boone Pickens Jr.
Books, all will agree, are written for a variety of reasons—as literary or artistic expression, to instruct, persuade, or rebuke the reader, or to make money. The last, no doubt, is the most important reason, but there is yet another. There are books by people who, having made a great …

Truly the Last Tycoons

Ford: The Men and the Machine

by Robert Lacey
There is a highly predictable sequence in the development of a great industrial enterprise. It begins as the reflection of the imagination, energy, and technical or other competence of some person, and it is strongly identified with a family name. But this does not last. In a generation or two, …