A Special Supplement: Technology: The Opiate of the Intellectuals

Program on Technology and Society

Fourth Annual Report: 1967-8
If religion was formerly the opiate of the masses, then surely technology is the opiate of the educated public today, or at least of its favorite authors. No other single subject is so universally invested with high hopes for the improvement of mankind generally and of Americans in particular. The …

Crisis Manager

To Move a Nation

by Roger Hilsman
The decision to escalate the Vietnam War was not made in 1965. It was made in 1964. It was certainly made within six months of President Kennedy’s death. It may even have been made within six weeks of his death. Several writers have speculated that the Johnson Administration decided to …

The Pause That Refreshes

The lunar New Year truce in Vietnam last month seemed to offer an unusually good opportunity, not only to bring about an acceptable peace in Vietnam but to help accomplish four stated goals of US foreign policy. At last the Soviet Government, which long claimed no jurisdiction in Vietnam, was …