Pascal Our Contemporary

The Hidden God

by Lucien Goldmann, translated by Philip Thody


by Jean Steinmann, translated by Martin Turnell
Almost everyone who writes about Pascal comments on his “modernity,” though not everyone understands the same thing by it. Lucien Goldmann, a Marxist and the author of The Hidden God, sees in Pascal a forerunner of Hegel and of Marx, and the Abbé Steinmann, a Catholic admirer of this most …

Aimez-Vous Rousseau?

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

by Jean Guéhenno, translated by John Weightman, translated by Doreen Weightman
“All men of obscure birth feel an instinctive kinship with him.” They feel it, says Mr. Guéhenno, if they have felt the least urge to break free from the limitations of their station, for this urge will have involved them in adventures and indignities similar to his. But most men …