Jonathan Aaron’s new collection of poems, Journey to the Lost City, has just been published. (August 2006)



Blondin made a fortune walking back and forth over Niagara Falls on a tightrope—blindfolded, or inside a sack, or pushing a wheelbarrow, or perched on stilts, or lugging a man on his back. Once, halfway across, he sat down to cook and eat an omelette.

The Wolf of Gubbio

For Anthony Hecht It was one of those towns with practically no perspective, the architecture half-geometrical, houses upon houses stacked at dizzy angles. Clouds the shape and color of laurel leaves hung in a pale blue sky. The locals walking around wore guilty looks, conscious, as …


for Joseph Brodsky Some evening, after I’ve been dead a few years, when the cabs are busy sideswiping each other in the rain just as they’re doing right now (a few things won’t have changed that much), maybe I’ll be the sensation of a cool hand …

The Voice from Paxos

Early in the first century, sometime during the increasingly destructive reign of Tiberius, a ship was making its way slowly up the western coast of Greece for Italy. Having just finished dinner, many of the passengers were strolling around on deck, enjoying another cup …