Am I My Brain?

The View from Nowhere

by Thomas Nagel
The thought often strikes people when they are in their teens: it is most unlikely that the truth about the universe, or about the right way to live, is just what I happen to believe. It would be unbelievable good luck if the god my church taught me about actually …

Matters of Life and Death

The Right to Lifers: Who They Are, How They Operate, Where They Get Their Money

by Connie Paige

Our Right to Choose: Toward a New Ethic of Abortion

by Beverly Wildung Harrison
In August 1982, Hector and Rosalie Jean Zevallos, the owners of a clinic that carried out abortions in Granite City, Illinois, were abducted. They were threatened with death unless they closed down their clinic, and were held for eight days before being released. Connie Paige describes this early episode in …