Joseph Frank

Joseph Frank is Professor Emeritus of Slavic and Comparative Literature at Stanford. He is the author of Dostoyevsky: The Mantle of the Prophet, 1871–1881. (June 2008)

In Stalin’s Trap

In Stalin’s Trap

The Whisperers: Private Life in Stalin's Russia

by Orlando Figes

February 26, 2009 issue

Idealists on the Run

Lenin's Private War: The Voyage of the Philosophy Steamer and the Exile of the Intelligentsia

by Lesley Chamberlain

June 12, 2008 issue

In Search of Dostoevsky

Summer in Baden-Baden

by Leonid Tsypkin,translated from the Russian by Roger and Angela Keys, with an introduction by Susan Sontag

May 23, 2002 issue

Subversive Activities

On Psychological Prose

by Lydia Ginzburg, translated and edited by Judson Rosengrant

December 1, 1994 issue

The Triumph of Abram Tertz

Goodnight! A Novel

by Abram Tertz (Andrei Sinyavsky), translated and with an introduction by Richard Lourie

Soviet Civilization: A Cultural History

by Andrei Sinyavsky, translated by Joanne Turnbull, with the assistance of Nikolai Formozov

'Opavshie Listya' V.V. Rozanova

by Andrei Sinyavsky

Ivan le Simple: Paganisme, magie et religion du peuple russe

by André Siniavski, translated by Antonina Robichou-Stretz

Dans I'ombre de Gogol

by Abram Tertz (André Siniavski), translated by Georges Nivat

Promenades avec Pouchkine

by Abram Tertz (André Siniavski), translated by Louis Martinez

Andre-la-Poisse (Kroshka Tsores)

by Abram Tertz (André Siniavski), translated by Louis Martinez

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June 27, 1991 issue

The Voices of Mikhail Bakhtin

The Voices of Mikhail Bakhtin

Mikhail Bakhtin

by Katerina Clark and Michael Holquist

Mikhail Bakhtin: The Dialogical Principle

by Tzvetan Todorov, translated by Wlad Godzich

Problems of Dostoevsky's Poetics

by Mikhail Bakhtin, edited and translated by Caryl Emerson, introduction by Wayne C. Booth

October 23, 1986 issue

A Raw Deal


by David Magarshack

June 1, 1963 issue

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