J. S. Marcus’s most recent novel is The Captain’s Fire. He is currently a fellow at the Santa Maddalena Foundation, near Florence. (April 2001)


Shadows on the Danube

The Struggle for a Democratic Austria: Bruno Kreisky on Peace and Social Justice

edited by Matthew Paul Berg, in collaboration with Jill Lewis and Oliver Rathkolb; translated from the German by Helen Atkins and Matthew Paul Berg; with a preface by John Kenneth Galbraith

Haider: Licht und Schatten einer Karriere [Light and Shadows of a Career]

Christa Zöchling
Last summer, the European Court of Human Rights convened a special three-man panel led by Martti Ahtisaari, Finland’s former president, and the chief negotiator of the United Nations cease-fire in Kosovo. The panel’s expressed purpose was to travel to Austria and report on the “government’s commitment to the common European …

Apocalypse Now

Die Fahrt im Einbaum oder Das Stück zum Film vom Krieg[The Journey in the Dugout Canoe, or The Piece about the Film about the War]

by Peter Handke

Unter Tränen fragend[Questioning Through Tears]

by Peter Handke
One of the last German films to win an international following was Wim Wenders’s 1987 fantasy Wings of Desire, about an angel, played by Bruno Ganz, who longs to be mortal; he sees everything but feels nothing. The film is remarkable for its muted black-and-white images of West Berlin, which …

Screentime for Hitler

The Ufa Story: A History of Germany's Greatest Film Company 1918-1945

by Klaus Kreimeier, translated by Robert Kimber and Rita Kimber

The Ministry of Illusion: Nazi Cinema and Its Afterlife

by Eric Rentschler
The scene is almost familiar. The time is the Second World War, and a beautiful singer with a deep voice has come to entertain the troops; she has been quarreling with her boyfriend, a dashing air force pilot away at the front, and during her concert she will try to …