The Case of the Kissing Senator

Documents Related to the Investigation of Senator Robert Packwood Senate Select Committee on Ethics

US Senate 104th Congress, first session

The Packwood Report

by the Senate Ethics Counsel on Senator Robert Packwood, Introduction by Helen Dewar
Strom Thurmond, who will turn one hundred in the Senate if he wins his eighth term next year and lives through it, gives a speech designed, Ronald Reagan—style, to poke fun at fears about his age and mental faculties. “If I’m ever struck insane,” he says, “I hope it will …

His Brilliant Career

On the morning of Sunday, November 17, 1991, David Duke was the featured guest on NBC’s Sunday Today, CNN’s Newsmaker Sunday, and ABC’s This Week with David Brinkley. In itself, this was no big deal. Since October 1990, when he announced he would seek Louisiana’s highest office, and possibly the …