Keith Gessen is a founding editor of n+1 and the editor and cotranslator of Kirill Medvedev’s It’s No Good.


The Reckless Founding Formalist

Viktor Shklovsky; portrait by Yury Annenkov, 1919

Shklovsky: Witness to an Era

by Serena Vitale, translated from the Italian by Jamie Richards

Theory of Prose

by Viktor Shklovsky, translated from the Russian by Benjamin Sher, with an introduction by Gerald L. Bruns
In Venyamin Kaverin’s early novel The Scandalist (1931), a literary critic named Viktor Nekrylov wakes up in Leningrad with a hangover. He has a train ticket back to Moscow but, shaking off sleep, he makes a decision: “He wasn’t going to leave Leningrad until he caused a scandal.” Later that …

Horror Tour

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

by Jonathan Safran Foer

Everything Is Illuminated

by Jonathan Safran Foer
A lot has changed since the age when Henry James could so easily enumerate, in his book on Hawthorne, all the things America lacked for the sustenance of a serious novelist—historic castles, to begin with, and an army, and museums. We now have castles of commerce and industry, and a …

Subversive Activities

Angels on the Head of a Pin

by Yuri Druzhnikov, translated from the Russian by Thomas Moore

Ice (Lyod)

by Vladimir Sorokin
“The Europeans look at us like we’re shit, like we’re animals!” Vovchik the Small, one of Victor Pelevin’s angst-ridden mobsters, declares in the 1999 Generation P. “It’s because we don’t have a national i-den-ti-ty.” Vovchik may as well have been speaking of Pelevin’s writerly colleagues. What began as a wonderful …