Vietnam: The Defense’s Case

America in Vietnam

by Guenter Lewy
In America in Vietnam Guenter Lewy, a political scientist, attempts to exculpate American wrongdoing in Vietnam. Oddly enough, he also provides an extremely comprehensive and damning catalogue of the physical destruction, especially of civilians, caused by American firepower. Nevertheless, he provides legal absolution for most of the killing—which may be …

Under Westy’s Eyes

A Soldier Reports

by General William C. Westmoreland

Soldiers in Revolt: The American Military Today

by David Cortright
There is an old army saying that an officer should never be seen pushing a baby carriage, carrying a large bundle under his arm, or holding an umbrella. William Westmoreland recalled this adage during a rainstorm on Guam in the spring of 1967 when he was amused to see a …