Larry Rohter

Larry Rohter was a Brazil correspondent for Newsweek from 1977 to 1982 and for The New York Times from 1998 to 2008. His biography of the Brazilian explorer, scientist, statesman, and conservationist Cândido Rondon, Into the Amazon, was published in 2023. (June 2024)

Searching for the True Brazil

Searching for the True Brazil

The writer Mário de Andrade advocated a lusty embrace of the indigenous elements of Brazilian culture.

Macunaíma: The Hero with No Character

by Mário de Andrade, translated from the Portuguese by Katrina Dodson

The Apprentice Tourist: Travels Along the Amazon to Peru, Along the Madeira to Bolivia, and Around Marajó Before Saying Enough Already

by Mário de Andrade, translated from the Portuguese and with an introduction and notes by Flora Thomson-DeVeaux

Amar, Verbo Intransitivo/ To Love, Intransitive Verb

by Mário de Andrade, translated from the Portuguese by Ana Lessa-Schmidt

October 5, 2023 issue

Brazil’s Dead End

Brazil’s Dead End

Brazil Apart: 1964–2019

by Perry Anderson

The Edge of Democracy

a documentary film by Petra Costa

O Mecanismo [The Mechanism]

a television series created by José Padilha and Elena Soarez

April 23, 2020 issue

Brazil’s Brutal Messiah

Brazil’s Brutal Messiah

Brazil: A Biography

by Lilia M. Schwarcz and Heloisa M. Starling, translated from the Portuguese

December 6, 2018 issue

Viva Tropicália!

Viva Tropicália!

Hélio Oiticica: To Organize Delirium

an exhibition at the Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, October 1, 2016–January 2, 2017; the Art Institute of Chicago, February 19–May 7, 2017; and the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York City, July 14–October 1, 2017

September 28, 2017 issue

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