The Vietnam Protest

As critics of the current U. S. policy in Vietnam, we wish to make some proposals and comments about the protest movement that is beginning to appear in this country. We believe that the debate concerning Vietnam is far from over, in fact, that it has just begun; and we …

The Red and the Black

Race and Radicalism: The NAACP and the Communist Party in Conflict

by Wilson Record
The American Communist Party has always been one of the weakest and least important links in the international Communist movement, yet, ith the exception of the Russian branch, it has been studied more exhaustively than the Party of any other country. This paradox may in part be traced to the …

The Eagle Has No Head

The Americans: A New History of the People of the United States

by Oscar Handlin
This is still another attempt at an answer to Crèvecoeur’s question: “Who then is the American, this new man?” Earlier efforts in this vein customarily bristled with claims about American purpose. American destiny, and similar conceits. Not only historians who wrote the superior virtues of Anglo-Saxonism but even men like …

The Deluge

The Production and Distribution of Knowledge in the United States

by Fritz Machlup
Modern man’s urge to amass even greater quantities of knowledge seems to have no bounds. No matter what its value, quality, or purpose, he seems to feel that any increase in knowledge is, in itself, a good thing. The consumption of knowledge has acquired an almost sacral character. It was …