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A Strange Way to the Promised Land

Jonathan Safran Foer, Park Slope, Brooklyn, March 2012

Here I Am

by Jonathan Safran Foer
Some two hundred pages into Here I Am, Jonathan Safran Foer’s third novel, the film director Steven Spielberg materializes in a restroom at an airport Panda Express. Or at least Jacob Bloch, the forty-two-year-old onetime-wunderkind writer whose anxieties give the book a fretful pulse, suspects that the man standing next …

The Future Is Here

William Gibson at the Royal York Hotel, Toronto, January 2012

The Peripheral

by William Gibson
William Gibson’s new novel, The Peripheral, takes the form of one of the most traditional of science-fiction narratives, an anthropological account of first contact between cultures. In this case, the encounter is not interplanetary but between two different periods of time. The book unfolds in two distinct futures, one approximately a decade or two from ours, the other a century out.