Lisa Nandy is a British Labour Party politician who has been Member of Parliament for Wigan since 2010. Previously, she was a senior policy adviser for The Children’s Society charity. As an MP, she has served as the party’s spokesperson on children, civil society, and energy and climate change, respectively. (December 2018)

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Let the People Take Back Control of Brexit

A worker at the Nissan factory in Sunderland, Northeast England, an area where large majorities voted for Brexit in 2016

A university degree was the best predictor of how you would vote in the 2016 EU referendum. In a very real sense, it was a tug of war between those who do and those who don’t have agency in their lives. Three years later, it still is. For those who lack agency, the words “People’s Vote” summon anger, not inspiration, and a feeling that they are now about to lose what little control and agency they wrestled back two and a half years ago. This is not a phenomenon confined to Britain. From the rise of Trump in the US to the ascendancy of populist and nationalist parties in countries across the EU, tensions between those who have agency and those who do not have broken out into the open.