Louis Witter, born in 1995 in Verdun, France, is a photojournalist represented by Le Pictorium Agency. Since 2014, he has reported internationally, and covers Morocco as a photographer. (March 2019)


Rite of Passage: Moroccan Boys Reach for Europe

Moroccan minors who have managed to enter the Port of Ceuta and are waiting to attempt to board the ferries to Spain are thrown food by friends on the other side of the port's walls, Ceuta, February 20, 2019

“Europe would be a chance for us to work, a chance to study, a chance to learn a new language, in Spain or France, for example,” Rachid told me, one of a group of teenage Moroccan boys hoping to board the ferry from northern Africa to Europe. “In Morocco, there is nothing, nothing! No work, no money, no future. That’s why we want to go.” Rachid advanced toward the barbed wire-topped fence, followed by Ayman. On the pier, the fences are no longer monitored by officers of the Guardia Civil, who have been replaced by security cameras, though police still patrol inside the port.