Muhammad Muckraked


by Maxime Rodinson, translated by Anne Carter
It says something for the vital personality of the Prophet Muhammad that, after nearly fourteen centuries, his life and work should still be the subject of agonized discussion, not merely by Muslims but by writers of all races and creeds. Muhammad is certainly one of the most challenging and even …

Muhammad Speaks

Classical Islam: A History 600 A.D.-1258 A.D.

by G.E. von Grunebaum, translated by Katherine Watson

The Cambridge History of Islam, Volume I: The Central Islamic Lands, Volume II: The Further Islamic Lands; Islamic Society and Civilization

edited by P.M. Holt, edited by Ann K.S. Lambton, edited by Bernard Lewis
There is always something spectacular about the rise of a new religion—the suddenness, in historical terms, with which a new faith, preached by one man to a handful of followers, spreads over a vast area, sweeping along with it whole peoples and often conferring on its first adherents wealth and …

Mystic – Making

Creative Imagination in the Sufism of Ibn cArabi

by Henry Corbin, translated by Ralph Manheim

The Way of the Sufi

by Idries Shah
The publication in the United States, hard on one another’s heels, of three books on Sufism is a reminder of the current resurgence of Western interest in this branch of the “Wisdom of the East,” an interest that marks the final phase of this twelve-hundred-year-old Islamic mystical teaching. Its origins …