Madison Smartt Bell is Professor of English and Director of the Kratz Center for Creative Writing at Goucher College. His new book, DevilA?s Dream: A Novel About Nathan Bedford Forrest, is forthcoming in November. (October 2009)


Blood on the Border

Boy and painted border fence, Colonia Chorizo, Mexicali, 2001; photographs by William T. Vollmann from the powerHouse edition of Imperial


by William T. Vollmann


photographs by William T. Vollmann
In the twenty-two years since the appearance of his first novel, William T. Vollmann has published such an intimidating quantity of excellent work that it has become challenging for any single mind to get a complete grasp of the whole of it. His latest book, Imperial—about the region that includes …

A Hidden Haitian World

Massacre River

by René Philoctète, translated from the French by Linda Coverdale, with a preface by Edwidge Danticat and an introduction by Lyonel Trouillot

The Farming of Bones

by Edwidge Danticat
As close as their nation is to our shores, and as much as its issues are involved with our politics, most Haitian writers are virtually unknown to most American readers. That situation persists both despite and because of the nature of Haitian linguistic culture, which is incredibly fertile but, at …

At Home in Paradise

Boone: A Biography

by Robert Morgan

Our Savage Neighbors: How Indian War Transformed Early America

by Peter Silver
Daniel Boone was a man, Yes, a big man! And he fought for America To make all Americans free! What a Boone, what a do-er What a dream come-er true-er was he! This irksomely catchy faux folk song, together with Fess Parker’s earnest portrayal of the frontier hero for Disney, …