Margaret Scott

Margaret Scott teaches at NYU’s Wagner School of Public ­Service and is a cofounder of the New York Southeast Asia Network.
 (April 2019)

Indonesia’s New Islamist Politics

Indonesia’s New Islamist Politics

Democracy for Sale: Elections, Clientelism, and the State in Indonesia

by Edward Aspinall and Ward Berenschot

After Ahok: The Islamist Agenda in Indonesia

a report by the Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict

April 18, 2019 issue

The Truth about the Killing Fields

The Truth about the Killing Fields

The Army and the Indonesian Genocide: Mechanics of Mass Murder

by Jess Melvin

The Killing Season: A History of the Indonesian Massacres, 1965–66

by Geoffrey B. Robinson

June 28, 2018 issue

Indonesia: The Saudis Are Coming

Indonesia: The Saudis Are Coming

Nurturing the Salafi Manhaj: A Study of Salafi Pesantrens in Contemporary Indonesia

by Din Wahid

Transnational Islamic Actors and Indonesia’s Foreign Policy: Transcending the State

by Delphine Alles

Our Islam, the Islam of Nusantara

by Mohamad Guntur Romli

October 27, 2016 issue

Indonesia: The Battle Over Islam

Indonesia: The Battle Over Islam

Islamisation and Its Opponents in Java: A Political, Social, Cultural and Religious History, c. 1930 to the Present

by M.C. Ricklefs

Islam in Indonesia: The Contest for Society, Ideas and Values

by Carool Kersten

Islam and Democracy in Indonesia: Tolerance Without Liberalism

by Jeremy Menchik

May 26, 2016 issue

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