Marilyn McCully is the editor of Loving Picasso: The Private Journal of Fernande Olivier. (April 2002)


The Surreal Life of Dora Maar

Picasso's Weeping Woman:The Life and Art of Dora Maar

by Mary Ann Caws

Dora Maar

Catalog of the exhibition by Victoria Combalía
Dora Maar, born Markovitch and sometimes called “the Weeping Woman,” has long been regarded as the most enigmatic of the women who were longtime mistresses or wives of Pablo Picasso. Until now, that is: the retrospective exhibition devoted to Maar, first in Munich, now in Marseille—showing her own photographs and …

The Fallen Angel?

The Picasso Papers

by Rosalind E. Krauss
Pablo Picasso’s reputation as a dominant figure in twentieth-century art is unparalleled, fed by an extraordinarily diverse body of criticism that began in his early youth and continues unabated today. Throughout the century his work has attracted numerous champions as well as critics. When he was undisputed leader of the …