City Lights

The City as a Work of Art: London, Paris, Vienna

by Donald J. Olsen
London, Paris, and Vienna were the three great centers of nineteenth-century Europe. All three were imperial capitals, all three had a glittering social and intellectual life, all three contained splendid buildings, all three faced appalling problems of disease and poverty. But each had its own character. The contrast between London …

Space Explorer

Architectural Monographs: John Soane

with contributions by Sir John Summerson and David Watkin and G.-Tilman Mellinghoff

John Soane: The Making of an Architect

by Pierre de la Ruffinière du Prey
Is it coincidence that the two strangest and most original English architects had working-class, or at best lower-middleclass, origins? Nicholas Hawksmoor—Wren’s clerk, Vanbrugh’s shadow and mentor, but in the opinion of some a greater architect than either of them—was the son of a Nottinghamshire small-holder. John Soan was the son …