He’d Rather Have Rights

Taking Rights Seriously

by Ronald Dworkin
Ronald Dworkin’s Taking Rights Seriously is the most important work in jurisprudence since H.L.A. Hart’s The Concept of Law and, from a philosophical point of view at least, the most sophisticated contribution to that subject yet made by an American writer. In this collection of essays, Dworkin argues that any …

Right Thinking

The Pure Theory of Politics

by Bertrand de Jouvenel
M. de Jouvenel is a writer of great historical learning, political imagination, and literary force. He is, I think, the ablest recent representative of a tradition of French libertarian thought stretching from Montesquieu and Rousseau through Royer-Collard and Benjamin Constant to Alexis de Tocqueville. It is not surprising therefore that …

Sovereign Law

The Sovereign Prerogative: The Supreme Court and the Quest for Law

by Eugene V. Rostow

Law, Liberty, and Morality

by H.L.A. Hart
Dean Rostow’s The Sovereign Prerogative is a collection of essays on legal topics as apparently unrelated as the doctrine of “judicial restraint” and the government’s security program. Although Dean Rostow displays a certain hostility to “academic” philosophers—in particular, it would appear, to Professor Hart and to Mr. Richard Wollheim—the unity …